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Oak Tree Facts - Part 1

Ancient and Sacred Trees is very proud to be planting oaks in the UK. To celebrate here are some Oak tree facts. You can plant an Oak for £7 and receive a hand personalised ecard or certificate for yourself or a friend in the Ancient and Sacred Trees Shop. Plant Oaks with Ancient and Sacred Trees from your armchair, office or school and help preserve this iconic tree!

The lifespan of an Oak

Generally an oak tree lifespan lasts up to 200 years although many can, and do, reach much older. They grow and produce acorns until they reach 700 years when they are considered old. Upon reaching its 1,000-year mark, an oak tree slows down in growth with some parts starting to die.

Ancient Oak Tree in Attingham Park
Oak Tree Attingham Park, Shropshire

The Height of an Oak

Oaks can grow to a height of 50-70 feet or 15-21 meters and have a branch-to-branch reach of around 50 feet or 15 meters once fully grown.

They are a mighty tree, yet despite their appearance, the oak species stay in the middle-height category. It is the spread of the branches and the great girth of the older ones that speak of its' great presence

The Age of an Oak When It Bears Its' First Acorns.

Oaks do not bear fruits until nearly 20 years old. They can produce up to 2,000 acorns yearly. However, only 1 in every 10,000 acorns borne would grow into a new tree. It is equivalent to one oak tree born to a full-grown tree in one year. Sadly very few are enabled to grow.

What Countries Have The Oak Tree As Their National Emblem?

The mighty Oak tree is the national tree for the following countries includes Bulgaria, Cyprus, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, U.S.A and Wales.

Ancient Oak Tree Near Chirk in Wales
Ancient Oak Tree Near Chirk in Wales

Oak The Lightening Tree

Lightning is more likely to strike an Oak than any other tree.

Oak the Tree of the Druids

For this reason the the Oak tree is of high significance for Druids seeking ‘Arwen,’ or inspiration. Acquiring it is called ‘courting the flash.’ Mistletoe is especially sacred to the druids when harvested from an Oak tree.

The Oldest Oak Tree

The record for the oldest oak tree goes to the Pechanga Great Oak Tree which lives in the United States. This tree is estimated to be 2,000 years old.

The Biggest Oak Tree

The record for the biggest oak goes to the Seven Sisters Oak in the United States.

It is also counted as one of the oldest of its kind as its age is believed to be at 1,500 years. The tree lives in Mandeville, Louisiana. The Seven Sisters Oak was named that way because of the seven-branch sets that spread out from its main trunk. Also because its' human guardian was one of seven sisters.

Oaks Are Mixed Gender

This is true. A single oak tree can germinate both male and female flowers. The male flowers appear with or after the leaves and hanging down in bunches of yellow catkin like flowers. On the other hand, female flowers have overlapping scales in a husk which then enlarges to hold the acorn. With these gender fluid trees the male flowers grow on one part of the branch and female flowers grow on another.

From Small Acorns ...

The Oak tree sends out a root from the acorn which then forms into a taproot system.

The primary root will then grow horizontally into the soil. As it grows it develops an extensive root system. They grow and produce acorns until they reach 700 years when they are considered old.

Rob McBride Tree Hunter and European Tree of the Year Ambassador

Rob McBride is also known as the Tree Hunter because he travels across Britain and Europe looking for Ancient trees. He has walked the length of Offas' Dyke an ancient earthwork on the border between England and Wales over many years and very many miles mapping all of the ancient trees, most of which are Oak trees. You can find more details about our tree hero Rob and where to find and contact him in our Direc-Tree.

Amanda Claire Vesty and Rob McBride with an ancient oak
Amanda Claire Vesty Founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees with Rob McBride Tree Hunter and Ambassador for the European Tree of the Year

We will take a glimpse at a few more Oak Tree Facts in part 2.

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