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Light On A Limb Tree Prayer and Tree Blessings

Welcome To Our Sunday MinisTree

This weeks #treeblessing #natureconnection #prayers are based on this weeks Light On A Limb #treeteaching and the accompanying #wildwisdom #soulstory. We reflect on the #coronavirus and what comfort and wisdom nature can bring with reference to this weeks teaching and wild wisdom soul story.

Welcome to our #Sunday #Interfaith MinisTree inspired by #trees and #nature. Our Sunday blessing service is tied in to the weekly Tuesday #treeteachings for those who would like to take part in prayer, thanksgiving and benediction for a green and growing communiTree for people and planet. It is designed as I have have already described, to be an interfaith activity and all beliefs and none are welcome in the AST MinisTree.

These interfaith prayers and blessings celebrate our sacred connection with nature and the living miracle of our planet Earth. As the corona virus spreads I hope AST will be able to focus on positiviTree for all inspired by #trees and #nature. We are a green and growing CommuniTree and together we are a forest of love and friendship. You can join us for free here on this website.

Tree Prayer

May we all remain safe as part of nature, as part of life. When death comes, as it must, let it take only those who are ready and waiting to go. Let life leap green and growing across the land, across the people. Let love burn brightly in all our hearts and know that we are not alone though we may not be with loved ones. May all those living in fear be inspired by the gentle blossoms that flower despite the frost and cold dark night. May those left in their own company be brought comfort from sunshine through their windows, from cloud art drawn across the skies and from birds scribing messages of hope mid flight. May the trees dormant now but slowly waking, track the journey of life, of hope, of healing, as they wake from winters’ slumber. May none be forgotten, nor feel forgotten. Let us remember we are all a part of the greater whole. We are family. May we humans learn to treasure the earth as we do each other and in this make a better life that serves all of us, Earths creatures. Let the trees clean the air that we might breathe more deeply and cleanly. Let the heat of the sun burn away all impurity. May the ill winds blow themselves out. May we learn our lessons and be inspired to live greener gentler lives.

Blessings For Sekmet - Inspired by our #wildwisdom #soulstory this week

“Twice welcome in peace, O Charming One” We greet you as Ra greeted you. We see you, divine protector of justice and we know you have come to balance the scales. We humans, small and clumsy in our attempts to make peace, to right wrongs, nevertheless are making an attempt to wake up, to live better lives. Our offerings are small and badly made but offered with all heart for the good of all beings seen and unseen. Great goddess riding purple thunderclouds with a flash in your eye bringing plague and destruction, we see you in your mighty chariot whose wheels spin out the fate of the year and the people. Great goddess, defender of justice may you see the red blood of life and be enchanted by it. May you be gifted spring flowers in their thousands, radiant in the light. May you see the March hares dancing. May you see the curve and caress of rivers across the earth like a lovers’ tender touch. May you, great goddess of mighty strength and fearless courage, witness the birth of the lamb and its brave first wobbling steps and the search for mothers milk. May you see the tiniest, as well as the greatest, of things and the magic and wonder within each. May the scarab beetle of your heart find the sweet nectar at the centre of life's flowering beauty and drink deeply. May you fall in love with life and be tender in your grace.

Tree Blessing

Blessings on all beings, on the land. May we bless all those less fortunate that ourselves for whom life may not be burning so bright. From the mighty mountain to the most fragile blossom we give thanks for their beauty and their presence in this world. Blessings on the trees who stand together and show us community. Blessings on all those touched by illness both human and animal. Blessings on the oldest and the youngest and the most frail in our communities. Blessings on the tender blossoms that bring such pleasure to the eye and heart. Blessings on the red thread of life that weaves us all together. Blessings on the light that pours forth over all beings and beams out from within each of us.


Amanda Claire x

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Prayers and blessings are a way of creating greater #awareness both in ourselves and also of the world around us. They can be used as a positive #gratitude practice in a world that so often has no time for anything but endless rush and endless consumption. (With #climatechange and the current #environmental destruction taking place we can all see perfectly well where this attitude is taking us and our fellow beings). A brief prayer or blessing even of just a minute can be a tool used for good #mentalhealth through developing #selfawareness, to reconnect us with #life and our surroundings and to change our perspective of the #naturalworld and our place within it.


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