It’s Just Trees - Native Soul, Enlightenment and the Indigenous Experience.

“Direct experience is direct experience”


However this type of experience can fade if not supported and honoured. In the modern world there’s not much call for wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve, being present, being aware, and yet we will not survive if we don’t.

I am not going to talk at this point about destruction of #indigenous knowledge occurring only ‘in-the-west’ because this is wholly out of date. I see a dismantling of indigenous #culture happening and the attached value systems are being attacked and dismantled all across the world. Indigenous culture goes hand in hand with #environmentalism.

Put simply it means if you are a native of the land you don’t destroy what you know is your home. When you are fully present then you are aware of the ecstatic beauty of the world, every plant, rock and animal. Everything is seen as a being, worthy of life and part of a greater whole.

Take a look at this map of deforestation in Borneo

This #ecocide is company driven by the profits to be made out of palm oil.

#Trees are perhaps the greatest living symbol of our connections to the earth, to our native soul. The image of a ‘world tree’ is known across the world in many, many traditions and religions.

In what are described as ‘first world’ countries particularly, cultural appropriation & destruction have been argued over at length. The issue being that this happens without any proper understanding of what it means to be native to the culture and lands upon which people stand.

There has been much discussion about how indigenous teaching and culture has been appropriated in first world countries. This has happened mainly by putting commercialism in front of the original message in a pay-£2000-for-a-workshop kind of a way. Of course everyone needs to earn a living but very rare are the people who pay a tithe back to the original nations that they earned this knowledge from. It is the curse of rabid consumption.

Many however are discovering the diamonds hidden within their own #traditions, the meanings and teachings. To say that these are now extinct is wrong, they are still there if you know where to look. These were were the old piratical treasure maps to the gold hidden within.

Sailing the Seven Seas to the Island of The Trees

Piratical treasure of old soul gold

Maps of stories endlessly rolled out

The singing song lines of landscape dreams

We sail out in our rickety boats of bones

Search for something we cannot name

Down the lifetime rivers

In search of a place to call home