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We are sharing our voice with the world! I am really excited about this new latest online adventure and I hope you are too. :-) Remember that joining is FREE! Simply sign up using our contact form.

When I founded this community back in January 2014 on Facebook I thought I might get a couple of hundred members. Four years on and we are at twenty six thousand and more are joining everyday. It is incredible that what I thought was a niche passion has grown into a world wide community of like minded tree loving souls. It gives me hope for the future.

So now we will continue to grow as a communiTree and you will be able to subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch with latest news, events, join in the blog and lots more. I hope we will grow an active blog community right here on the website.

You can become members of this blog and you will be able to to share your thoughts, ideas and discover interesting people.

The Path through the forest beckons!

Join In!

My dog Bella The Jackahuahua online

Joining us is free and you can sign up to become a member of this blog and get a personal profile page. You can then follow one another and be followed, you can check out each others' profiles, see what people have liked or commented on, and get notifications.

You can view all blog members by clicking the Members icon in the login bar. But that's not all, by joining you get other members benefits too. Take a look on our about community page.


To quickly find individual members, use the Member search bar and sort by option. This is only available to our members so sign up using our contact form today. It's FREE!

Come with us as we travel down the forest path on a new adventure! I look forward to seeing you. Best Wishes and blessings Amanda Claire Group Founder

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