Gentle Day - Tree Teaching

A tree teaching about gentleness and the power that comes from Wild Nature. Also an audio Forest bathing meditation for coping with stress.

Gentle Day

In the softness of a gentle day

Amongst leaves of deepest green

My spirit came to lay

Resting lightly in between

Though the clouds may hold sway

Not a sunbeam left to gleam

Beauty came to pray

To bless this gentle scene

And she was heard to say

This, is not a dream

It is where real life holds sway

Not in men’s things that demean

Metal monsters may rage

Machines may whine and scream

Humans may give up and lay

Upon the trees fallen beam

But in soil hidden deep away

Seeds remain unseen

Nature awaits the day

Mans’ wild self to redeem

And though I was on my way

Down the path yet to be seen

She said to me “Come what may

Wild Nature remains the queen”

Amidst green leaves, the pink

There, in the softest flower

And I could not help but think

Of Wild Nature and her power.

To listen to the audio version of this which also contains a forest bathing meditation scroll down to the AST YouTube channel video. 

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