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Flowering Between The Fences - Tree Prayer and Tree Blessings

Flowering between the fences tree prayer and blessings dedicated this week to all those in #socialisolation by the #corona #virus as well as to the #trees #waters and #earth, particularly those places in captivity surrounded by fences, who gift us with so much.

Tree prayer

May we learn to stand strong in captivity, surrounded by four walls, just as trees surrounded by fences do. Let us find a flowering within ourselves. A golden ball that expands into a flower bud that opens into a beautiful bloom. May we shine with a bright and golden light that radiates out, cleansing all before it of suffering. May we learn the #freedom of trees that grow in the most closed in of places, that we too might live more freely.

These interfaith prayers and blessings celebrate our sacred connection with nature and the living miracle of our planet Earth. You are free to add the name of your god/dess as appropriate and to add with greetings and endings as you wish for example ending with Amen or Blessed Be etc etc.
As the corona virus spreads I hope AST will be able to focus on positiviTree for all inspired by #trees and #nature. We are a green and growing CommuniTree and together we are a forest of love and friendship. You can join us for free here on this website. Soon you will be able to make a prayer or blessing while planting a tree via this site. Subscribe to stay in touch.

Tree Blessing

Bless the trees who teach us to breathe deeply and live once more in a way more harmonious with our surroundings. As the fenced in tree blossoms, sending messages of love to insects, we bless it for teaching us how to flower in these trying times. We bless it for showing us #hope. We bless it for the golden light that shines within its’ flowering beauty.

Goddess Oshun Flowering in golden flowers
Oshun Flowering ©Amanda C Vesty


Greetings Oshun, spirit of the waters, of the body, of life itself. You who came with your life giving energy fertilising the earth. May the bees sing your name in their thousands, may all the golden flowers open and bid you welcome. Let us humans gift you things that are not taken from the earth but are birthed from our hearts. You are the light of the sun, the rich golden pollen at the heart of the flower, you are the song of the canary and the generosity of the corn. May your life giving waters run clear as crystal that your friends the fishes might swim in joy between the green weeds dancing in the dappled light. Blessings on you, #Oshun who is the water of the springs and streams, rivulets and rivers. Blessings on you Oshun who is all the golden sweet flowering things of life.

Offered in humble gratitude for the beauty of this world for the benefit of all beings everywhere.


Amanda Claire x

Prayers and blessings are a way of creating greater #awareness both in ourselves and also of the world around us. They can be used as a positive #gratitude practice in a world that so often has no time for anything but endless rush and endless consumption. (With #climatechange and the current destruction in the #environment taking place, we can all see perfectly well where this attitude is taking us and our fellow beings). A brief prayer or blessing even of just a minute can be a tool used for good #mentalhealth through developing #selfawareness, to reconnect us with #life and our surroundings and to change our perspective of the #naturalworld and our place within it.

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