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Colour Me Beautiful, Autumn Tree Teaching

She splashed her colours everywhere and sunlight gleamed upon her hair.

Slowly she began to undress, silks billowing in the breeze. Letting loose the love to fly free. Wild abandon in the wind as she danced. Set yourself free, set yourself free, set yourself free.

Body and limbs bend and stretch mirroring the earths’ curve and the swing of the light. “Come to me”, she silently says, and the lover is lost.

There are no words here, only the body. Beyond the mind, the heart pulls spirit into flesh and then time talks to the bones. The day is brief before nightfall and the lovers’ touch. So layers must fall, let loose the life you think you have, it is only a note in a bigger song…

Don’t you know that?

Let your head lie on the soft moss green, let your limbs pale and dark stretch out on the gold, your russet heart on vermillion, let your blood run blue, royal and true.

And when the gold and rubies disappear, and all treasure looks lost, then comes jade, the amethysts, coral and emeralds all laid out upon her naked body, her chocolate coloured skin that gleams in the slanting moon. When you make love strip yourself naked. There is not the time for anything else, and when you wake up you will be dressed in flowers.

If we cannot sit with ourselves what is there? If we cannot open to the jewel that is life then we are paupers scratching around under the table looking for crumbs.

Amanda Claire


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