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Canopy Tree Teaching


Lay under the leafy canopy

In a bed of green

My body on the ground

Part of life’s lovely dream

Witnessing the wind

And its gentle play

Among the verdant leaves

As the trees began to sway

And as I lay there looking up

Upon the deep dark ground

I heard the woodland speak

And the world was singing all around

It took my battered heart

And smoothed the jagged edge

And there I was a falling

From its’ rocky ledge

Through the broken places

Down back through the dark

Through story’s broken bones

And terrains’ rough furrowed bark

Through the tangled roots

And that rich woody earth

There is no perfect pathway

To find ones’ own self-worth

The land it does not ask

The land it does not take

I am of the body

Just life lived for life’s sake

Lay under the leafy canopy

In a bed of green

My body on the ground

Part of life’s lovely dream

Forest Bathing Forest Medicine Eco Therapy

Looking at the layering of leaves and the shape of the sky in between. The depth of colours, the light and the shade. Is every leaf the same colour green? Oak and sycamore, hazel and beech living side by side. They have stretched out their limbs and leaves face up to the sky. They bask in the sun. As I breath in, they breath out, as I breath out, they breath in.

We are so used to our ground bound existence that it is all too easy to forget what sits above our heads. We develop tunnel vision and forget all else. The canopy is a different world. This is the domain of trees, insects and birds plus a few animals.

Tree Teaching

Looking up to the leaves above the common concerns of men, takes one out of one’s own world, and one’s own concerns. Up there the leaves have opened themselves up to the sun and rain. They capture the heat and the light then they are washed clean by the rains. They give shade to the earth and its creatures, and food for thought for the poets among us.

Look up, look up. Look beyond your nose to somewhere up above your head where your heart soars. If you want to know what unbounded freedom looks like see the birds soar, if you want to know what faith looks like see the squirrels leap, if you want to know what being fully present, owning your space and being of service looks like look up to the trees.

Lie down on the ground, let go for a moment and gaze up.

Connecting With The Canopy

Connect for a couple of minutes. You might need to turn the volume up.


Amanda Claire x


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