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Bread and Cheese Tree Prayer and Tree Blessings

Tree prayer and blessings dedicated this week to all those in #socialisolation by the #corona#virus as well as to #nature. What I have written below is linked as ever to this weeks' #treeteaching and #wildwisdom #soulstory.

Tree Prayer

May the rock roll back from the cave of our darkness. May the sun emerge once more to shine its light on all of creation. May we humans learn to live in harmony with life, singing its song, dancing its dance. Let us come back into harmony with the music and rhythm of what is. May we learn to listen to the wisdom of the hawthorn so that when we eat, we see the source of all things. May we value this earth as the source of our sustenance. May the bread and cheese on our plate become something holy.

 These interfaith prayers and blessings celebrate our sacred connection with nature and the living miracle of our planet Earth. You are free to add the name of your god/dess as appropriate and to add with greetings and endings as you wish for example ending with Amen or Blessed Be etc etc.
During the #coronavirus #covid19 AST will continue to focus on positiviTree for all inspired by #trees and #nature. We are a green and growing CommuniTree and together we are a forest of love and friendship. You can join us for free here on this website. Soon you will be able to make a prayer or blessing while planting a tree via this site. Subscribe to stay in touch.

Tree Blessings

Blessings on the humble hawthorn be it in hedge or highland. The bread and cheese of the poor, the young green shoots of early spring a joyful sign that winter will soon be gone. How quickly we pass by you on our way to somewhere else. Our paths leading everywhere and nowhere. Yet there you are come rain or shine growing regardless of clipping or concrete, still opening your leaves every spring. Each leaf you unfurl is a small green miracle. Here we are blessing the young leaves on an old tree that they may continue to open each spring.

Uzume Blessing

Uszume! There you are with your wily fox ways dancing your song between life and death, beating out a rhythm on the hearts' drum. The one who is wise knowing things get better with age like a fine wine. There you are dancing in the green, blessing the land with light. We bless your old bones and the youthful vigour in your laugh. Mocking the powers-that-be with your wild ways and laughing in the face of even the gods. We see you building bridges between light and dark, life and death, joy and grief. We see in you the stories of the world. These are the bread and cheese of human wisdom. These are what sustain us through hard winters waiting for spring. And when spring comes and we take those first green shoots into our mouths may we bless the life force that gifted them to us.

Love and Gratitude

Prayers and blessings are a way of creating greater #awareness both in ourselves and also of the world around us. They can be used as a positive #gratitude practice in a world that so often has no time for anything but endless rush and endless consumption. With #climatechange and the current destruction in the #environment taking place, we can all see perfectly well where this attitude is taking us and our fellow beings. Our disregard for #nature and the beings we share our home with have created the #covid19 #virus #pandemic. A brief prayer or blessing even of just a minute can be a tool used for good #mentalhealth through developing #selfawareness, to reconnect us with #life and our surroundings and to change our perspective of the #naturalworld and our place within it.

During #lockdown and #socialisolation I, along with all of us as a green and growing communiTree stand strong together as a mighty forest of hope, strength and love. It's free to join us. Don't be lonely, there is a place for you here.


Amanda Claire


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