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Bast, Tree Blessings and Prayers

Tree Blessings

Blessings on the trees, on the lush canopies above our heads that clean our air, keep us cool and protect us from coronavirus. They call to us to look up and gaze and dream and just be. Blessings on the open armed ones, the generous ones who clean up after us humans putting right our wrongs. Blessings on the protectors doing battle with toxins and viruses and making the world a better safer place for us to be. With limbs stretched out, open and green and giving they are the culmination of the blessings of summer.

Bast Blessings

Blessings on the Bast the cat goddess. She who is a jar of sweetness, the prayers of flowers, the honeyed centre of perfume that transforms dark into light, the eye of truth and defender of what is right. The protector of the grains, of full storehouses and abundant harvests. Blessings on the lover of life and the sacred breath. She who is the lithe and nimble one leaping with ease thorough life from bough to bough inspiring even the most domesticated among us to let go, have a little faith and connect with the wild within. Blessings on the one who teaches presence in the moment that we may be at home where we are, finding the warm spot, at ease and protected.

Tree Prayers.

May we be as trees generously opening up and transforming bad into good. May we reach out in our communities as trees do. Let us face up to the sun, to the light, to the inspiration of summers’ green. May we learn to lie down and let nature be and looking up be inspired to make a deeper connection with our fellow beings. May we learn to protect what is precious, recognising our domain stretches so much further beyond what we can see with the naked eye. We are all leaves on the tree basking in the sun and the beauty of the world.

Blessings Amanda Claire

Want to bless the trees and the earth? Come plant with us.


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