Wassail - Health and Healing With Trees

Below is the audio version of this blog AND a meditation. For quotes from members and pics, see beneath afterwards.

Wassail, #wassail, a wassailing we will go !

Cold, bitter, ice, snow, scouring winds and the bare bones of the earth and trees are exposed. The leaves have all gone, branches stretched out across the sky while their roots dig deeper.

Footpath among fallen apples
Walking The Apple Path by ©Amanda C Vesty

"I really don't know why I love trees maybe the many shapes and colours and they move differently in the wind and many have edible fruits and nuts." AST member Julia Orr

It’s no coincidence so many #ancient #festivals take place deep in winter. The ancients knew a thing or two about the #cycleoflife and our place within it. In the cold and dark when it is easy to feel depressed, introverted and withdrawn, they conjured up fire and fed the #earth, the trees and each other.

#Trees of course know instinctively how to feed and care for themselves … we humans however have a great tendency for forgetting. So, what can trees teach at this often dark and challenging time of year.

Apple Orchard
Abandoned Apple Orchard by AST member ©Sarah Taylor

They learn to slow down and tend to themselves so that come Spring they will be an embodied cloud of ecstatic bloom that by Autumn will be bough laden with fruit.

An #appletree can’t produce a good harvest unless it goes through a deep dormancy period. There is no summer fruit without winters’ cold.

"I love trees because i breathe and they give inspiration." Simon Cowan

We go within, we dream, we close the doors to others demands like the tree going within for winter. Our heart still beats. Somewhere in a place without words we live like trees. Like trees we grow into different shapes our dreams and stories branching out with twigs holding buds of potential for spring. How is it that a small bare twig can later bear fruit?

What sweet flowering miracle is this that somehow under our bark where no one sees we have such beauty enfolded to ourselves?