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Tree Temple Guide

Welcome to our MinisTree.

The tree temple is open to all faiths and none. Here are some simple tips to help you make the most of your experience inside. 

nature connection experiences on and offline:

Meet a Tree, Forest Bathing, Relaxation, Mindfulness, and more. 

Ecopsychology, ecotherapy and enchantment

Blessings from Amanda Claire

Peace and quiet -

  • Choose a time you are likely to be undisturbed

  • Switch off your phone

  • Turn off all noisy appliances

Relaxation -

  • Deep breathing exercise can really focus your attention on the present and calm body and mind

  • Gentle music can really add to the atmosphere

  • Alternatively sounds such as small water fountain can help block out sounds such as traffic

  • Noise cancelling headphones can really reduce those more invasive sounds 

Connection -

Using all your senses can help you connect:

  • Smell - natural incense or flowers or fruits

  • Sight - watching our slide shows

  • Sound - music or natural sounds such as rain, birdsong or running water

  • Taste - A herbal tea before you start can help you to focus and afterwards a tea or small piece of fruit to end your time and bring you back into your surroundings.

  • Time and place - observing your location and where you are within it can help you feel present and focus your attention. In you're in an office you could bring in plants to put on your desk so you have a little of mother nature to keep you company.

Slow Down

  • Take your time

  • The world will not end because you have decided to take a break.

  • Trees are a lesson in presence and patience


  • The miracle of life is all around you

  • Mother Nature is waiting for you to remember your home, this earth.


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