Your tree hug tree planting card will plant 10 trees in the Tropics for every £5 spent. So each multiple of £5 will plant you 10 more trees. E.g. £10 = 20 Trees, £15 = 30 trees £20 = 40 trees etc. Just click on number of cards to increase amount.

PLEASE NOTE: you personalise this card with the name you want to gift the certificate to AND you also include who it is from eg. 'The Smith Family,' 'Charlie and Kareen', etc. 

This is added MANUALLY to your greeting Ecard cerTreeficate.

It is sent as a PDF file to the email address of your choice. Please expect to wait between 1 to 3 days approx for your peronsalised certifcate as this is Not auto computer generated but done by hand. Though usually it should arrive within the day. At checkout it will say shipping but it won't be shipped it will be emailed.)

Card designed by Amanda Claire

Big Green Tree Hugs Card



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