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Re-wild Your Native Soul and This Earth

MinisTree - A Sense of the Sacred

Our Founder Amanda Claire says:

We live in times where sadly a passion for the natural world is often seen as a rebellion against the norms of society, where the destruction of nature is seen as expedient to the needs of big business. It does not have to be this way.


We can find a living path out into the future: housing and offices surrounded by trees, cities as urban forests, and sustainable agro forestry preserves the ancient native culture of villages across the world,  the wild lands restored and reforested, left untouched where fox, owl and badger are left undisturbed.


What is sacred to you? To love and care for trees may be a form of protest perhaps, it may be a desperate bid for survival in a world seemingly hellbent on its own destruction, but ultimately it is an act of love. Why settle for anything less?

As the group grows so do the possibilities for this love to thrive and grow. That's what I want to see, a great tree, like the ones we hear about in fairy tales, to grow and take root.

She says:

Celebrating Beauty is an Act of Rebellion and Love the Revolution.

See her blog article here.

Help us plant trees to bring the earth back to life re-wilding people and planet.

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