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Bear with me this is a brand new page! Got something to share like a forest bathing, bushcraft or tree planting event send it to me and I will add it and share for you :-) To our group, page etc



Enhancing the landscape of the Simoco site, Chesterton.

Following a strong steer from City Council officers, there is a proposal that a "Friends of Logan's Meadow Nature Reserve" be established, which would "own" this project.

There will be a first meeting to see if there is sufficient interest in forming a "Friends of Logan's Meadow Nature Reserve" on:
Date: Wednesday 15 January 2020
Time: 19:30
Venue: The Burleigh Arms, Newmarket Road

Please feel free to share this information with anyone else who you think might be interested.

Tiverton Tree Planting - Somerset

January 11 and 25th

Throughout The Year


Wednesday Walks South Cheshire

Run by Amanda Claire AST founder

Tiverton Tree planting events.


Therapeutic Arts Year Course Cheshire

Starting Thursday 27 February 2020.  

Helping you Heal Through Reducing Stress, Enabling Self Expression and Self Confidence Through Developing Your Creativity and Connection with Nature. ALL abilities welcome. No previous art experience required!


Manifest a more fulfilling life growing in confidence learning new skills, being inspired, being creative, having fun, making a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Run by Amanda Claire founder of AST


Tiverton Tree Planting - Somerset

March 7th

Tiverton Tree Planting - Somerset

February 15th

Ancient Yew Organisation Event
Stop HS2


Goddess In The Green Year Course

Starting Saturday 4th April 2020

A place to conjure the Goddess, connect deeply with an ancient wisdom, beauty and magic in nature and ourselves, and be transformed.


Walking the land, creating rituals, talking our truth, learning the art of gifting. Learning to fully witness and bless what is here. 

Run by Amanda founder of AST

Gathering In The Green - Land, Art, History and Culture Tour Through The Yea

Starting Sunday 5th April 2020. An immersive experience in our ancient landscape and native culture. Walking from prehistory to present where the Peaks meet the Plains. We use practical techniques to explore and investigate. Looking for the Goddess and the Green Man and their journey by sun, stars, stones and sacred springs through land, art, history and culture.

Run by Amanda Claire founder AST

There will be a 2 part, solo art exhibition at the Millennium Academy of Art, St Helens. ‘Artist of the Run’ ground floor and ‘Magic of the Trees’ first floor April 28th – June 11th . Preview on April 30th(tbc)  

November 2019

Wiltshire Downs Tree Planting Project

Tree Planting near the historic Avebury Stone Circle

Stalking Trees: Stalking the Invisible - London.  walk that traces ancient Parish boundaries running through the woods of Hampstead Heath and Kenwood, marked by old oak and beech trees, as well as the odd sweet chestnut.  A highlight is the ancient ditch and mound boundary  just inside the Kenwood  estate, with stone and metal boundary markers still visible at the foot of some veteran oaks. 

December 2019

Tree Planting Dartmoor Dec 1st

Join Moor Trees as we plant new woodland across Dartmoor and South Devon!

Help us close the circle as we plant those trees, grown from seed collected in Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland by our amazing volunteers, to create the future forests of Dartmoor.

Mini-bus leaves Plymouth at 09.30am. It can stop at Exeter Road South Brent (near the Rec) at 10.00 am, if you let us know you need a lift.

We will be planting at the following location:
Woodland, Devon TQ13 7LW.

Tree Planting Moor Trees 5th Dec

As above


Tree Planting Little Parks Farm 13 Dec

Join us to plant bare root trees at the farm to create wildlife corridors, provide forage and shelter for animals, create wind breaks, increase biodiversity and to reduce water flow towards the Somerset levels.

We have 550 trees from I Dig Trees, a Project by Ovo Energy and The Conservation Volunteers.

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