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This beautiful Oak can be found in Derbyshire at the 'Nine Stones' (though in fact only four are standing) which lies about 200 metres to the north-west of Robinhood's Stride an outcrop covered in rock art. This is a Bronze Age monument connected with the Portway (an ancient track), and is probably the most impressive in the area and certainly in a very beautofil location. The area is peaceful and both tree and  stones have a real presence about them. 

AST is run by volunteers so while we try to get your card to you asap, your understanding is that it may longer to create. PLEASE NOTE! An Ancient and Sacred Trees tree planting ecard plants an oak tree for every £7 spent. So each multiple of £7 will plant you another tree. E.g. £70 = 10 Trees, trees etc. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: You personalise the product with the name you want to gift the certificate to AND you also include who it is from eg. 'The Smith Family,' 'Charlie and Kareen', etc. This is added MANUALLY to your greeting Ecard certificate. It is sent as a PDF file to the email address of your choice. This is Not auto computer generated. PS: It is EMAILED as a PDF file to the email address of your choice. (It will say 'shipping' at checkout but it won't be shipped it will be emailed.) You also recieve a PDF detailing where in the UK the trees are planted.

Sacred Oak & Stone Circle

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