Send a tree hug and plant trees and bring a smile to loved ones with this rainbow tree hug by Amanda Claire. Manually personalised with your names AND you get a FREE BONUS page to add a message or letter to aswell if you wish. Make sure your message will take up No More than one page of A4. Hug A Tree Its' Virus Free! :-) PS At the bottom it will say "We/I planted ...(number of) trees for you." Please allow 1 to 3 days for it to be sent to the email of your choice as the card is not auto generated. Thank you very much. It will say shipping at checkout but it won't be shipped it will be emailed.)

Rainbow Tree Hug - Together Though Apart

  • When you go to pay for your cerTreeficate INSTRUCTIONS: At checkout/MyCart please add email you want the card/certificate sent to in the 'Note' box. Otherwise the card/certificate will be sent to you for forwarding. (It will say shipping at checkout  but it won't be shipped it will be emailed.) Thank you.


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Treasures and Trees by  Jack In The Green Ethical Gift Shop - Live With Art And Soul. Every Purchase Plants Trees.

Jack In The Green Ethical Gift Shop

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