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Accessibility, Disability and Equality

Affordable Action

It is FREE to join us.

We encourage Armchair Activism signing and will share members petitions

You can plant trees at a price to suit your pocket.

We fund tree planting in the UK and the Tropics, planting and protecting trees across the world.

We are co-guardians of Wild Spirit Woods in the heart of the British Isles.

Together we are a green and growing CommuniTree!

Everyone has the right to connect with nature no matter who they are.

  • Some audio material and we have tried to design a site with god contrast and clear script. 

  • Basic membership is Free.

  • We have free-to-join Facebook groups for UK, Asia, Europe, America, The World 

  • Everyone can access nature via our Free online groups on social media  and this website.

BAME Tree BLM Ancient and Sacred Trees.j
Ancient and Sacred Trees

Educate Don't Denigrate

We are a friendly community and while we have many tree experts we also have members who know nothing about trees but who would like to learn. We support each other and our mantra is "Educate Don't Denigrate"

A Green and Growing CommuniTree

We have families, ecologists, tree empaths, foresters, scientists, artists, crafts people, a wide range of spiritual and religious beliefs and a wide range of people of all ages who share their love for trees. 

We are an inclusive Communitree and work hard to keep it that way with clear boundaries set in place for all to create a safe and welcoming environment.

Every effort is made to make all our members feel welcome including BAME, LGBTQ+, neural diverse, elderly, those with disabilities etc. Our logo, designed by the founder, is designed to reflect our ethos.

We are run with love on an unpaid volunteer basis for the benefit of trees, other-than-human- beings and people. 

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