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Tree Tours Woods 1

Another page of lovely videos touring woodlands

8 mins of watching leaves gently falling

This a great film lasting nearly 4 mins. Beautifully filmed and very atmospheric. "Walking through the haunted woods and grounds of Grim’s Dyke on a foggy autumn morning ~ once the home of W.S Gilbert from Gilbert & Sullivan.

The land that's known as ‘Grim’s Ditch’ – a name which now refers to Iron Age earthworks that can be found across southern England. Dated to the fifth and sixth centuries, if not even further back, the earthwork consists of a V-shaped ditch that has visible remains stretching from Pinner Green to Harrow Weald Common – a swathe of land on which the estate was eventually built.

This ditch is believed to have been a defensive structure built by the Catuvellauni tribe to aid in the ongoing struggle at the time with the Roman forces in the region. As one of the most powerful Celtic tribes in southern Britain, with territory extending as far as the northern bank of the Thames to what is modern-day Hertfordshire, the Catuvellauni were leaders of the opposition to the Roman invasion until their eventual defeat and subjugation in the early first century. Grim’s Dyke remains one of the few remaining monuments to this prehistoric struggle – one which played a key role in shaping the foundations of the nation today."

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