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what we see above the earth is just a glimps of whats beneith- the trees know the truth.....

gardening is where my hands have found mind however is in the clouds. for years now i have questioned the aspects of life that seem impossible to understand. ive always been atracyed to the unknowing and often find myself entangled in the wonders of life. when i was a kid i would ask these questiones and find myself frustrated with the dead ends and brick walls i would be faced with. gradually almost astho it was accidental i found myself understanding life more & more and it gave me a reason to ask more soon became an adiction! i would learn and learn just to satisfy the intense craving for answers. i became a man that didnt care much about stystematic rutine and material things anymore but only cared for the mysterious knoledge our natural world has to offer. i became a man on a mission! and so here i am. using gardening as my platform i will continue to learn and grow alongside the natural world. who knows where it will lead me...but who cares? aslong as this planet keeps me ocuppied with beauty. which it indefinitly will.........


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