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Tree Planting Week

To celebrate the culmination of #TreePlantingWeek here is some inspiration brought to you by our #AST members and what a busy week it has been! Here is a glimpse of what some of them have been up to. From growing their own saplings, taking part in tree planting activities across the country, to making videos, sharing advice and sharing what happens when you plant trees long term, it just goes to show that we can make a difference to our our world! PostiviTree For CommuniTree!

I have been #plantingtrees for the last 10 years.

These are the saplings I successfully grew from tree seeds I gathered last autumn.

It's plant a tree week and our local community planted over 800 saplings this morning donated by the Woodland Trust. I can't wait to see them growing.

Hi just a reminder its national tree week! Why not go and plant some #trees or donate to a charity that does. That way some of them might one day grow into those #ancienttrees we love. I have been planting the last few days and have been fencing ready to plant more. Here are some I planted earlier. Cheers

Flying over the trees we planted on the 27th November, perhaps a sign we are doing the right thing planting more, 1000 to go in early December.

sundog over trees
©Justin Vibert Wilson

Had a great morning joining in the #community tree planting at Ham Hill Park in Somerset. I reckon there were about 70 of us and in about an hour we planted 380 trees on this rather steep slope. In teams of 4 it was so quick and easy, to dig, plant, stake and guard. Tea & biccies were supplied, cause t'were cold, t'were.


National Tree Planting Day
©Rachael Clyne

A few of my big trees I planted. I've planted 1500 over the last 5 years and another 1000 to be planted this winter.

Mature Tree Planting
Smithy Smith

Tree-planting on beautiful Exmoor 🌱🌲🌳💚

©Nick Wonnacott

Plant trees - when a baby is born plant a tree, when a loved one dies plant a tree. Tell your political candidates to plant trees! It can help protect against #flooding, #global warming, #mentalillness. Planting trees is easy - just do it!

Some AST members had useful advice to offer.

Tracey Deborah Does your council have a policy for tree planting? If not not why not request one? Just a thought. :-) Forest For Cornwall

Let's plant the ancient trees of the future ... and create a #future where our descendants can enjoy them. 💚🌳🌍

There is a magic machine that will suck #carbon out of the atmosphere and save us from #globalwarming, it is called a Tree, you can do your bit to help.

The last thing I planted on my own patch was an elder 2 years ago. Otherwise, planting with a group in the village wherever we can find a suitable place. The #world is becoming more and more urbanised - so many many more trees needed in towns and villages.

The final word has to go to AST member Edward Hurst who shows us all the #legacy we are gifting by planting trees.

Mature planted woodland
©Edward Hurst

It’s always worth planting ... there was only one lonely oak when I started this #wood. Most background trees I planted in 1994 and the foreground ones in 2013. The difference you can make to a #landscape and #wildlife is huge! 🍃🙂

On behalf of Planet Earth, all her beautiful creatures, their children and our children I offer my heartfelt thanks and blessings.


Amanda x

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