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Rain Drops Natures Jewels

Raindrops jewels, beads of beauty shining a light on an extraordinary world. A glimpse of glorious treasures #creativitree inspired by #trees #rain and the wonder of #nature.

I am sat indoors looking out at the rain which has continued non stop for the last few days. Relentless rain can seem depressing but there are moments of extraordinary beauty such as in the #raindrops captured by members of our ancient and sacred trees communiTree.

raindrops on oak leaves
Raindrops on Oak Leaves by member ©Barny Hilsden

Seek beauty when the rain comes for we cannot know when the sun will shine.

Walk slowly, breathe in this life one drop at a time

Rain drop sunset
Sunset in a rain Drop by member ©Natasha Clark

Celebrating beauty is an act of Rebellion and Love the Revolution. We may feel as small as a raindrop but together we are a river running to the sea. Remember that. Remember that people will only protect what they love, so by sharing beauty we inspire #healing.

Raindrops on catkins
Drippy Catkins by member ©Lorraine Pooley

Take a look at the rest of our site I am adding more to it all the time.

Raindrops on a Leaf by member ©Barny Hatton

Raindrops are mother natures' tears of grief and joy that water the earth so trees grow.

rain drop on oak leaf
Raindrop on Oak Leaf by member ©Benedict Williams

I hope you see a jewel in a raindrop and life's immensity in the smallest of things.


From Amanda

PS It's free to join our CommuniTree here on this website.

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"Raindrops are mother natures' tears of grief and joy that water the earth so trees grow." Beautiful and beautiful images too. Thankyou

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