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Gentle Day Tree Prayers and Blessings

Tree Prayer

Grant us #compassion that we might live gently upon the earth. Let is us be #gentle in our dealings with others. May humans learn the lessons from every spring day full of tree blossoms and see that true beauty brings life. May humans learn to soften their hearts so hardened by hatred, greed and fear. Let their intentions be as bright as the colours of spring and their actions as gentle as falling blossoms. May human egos soften and allow room for awareness of and compassion for others. May our souls be rewilded with gentle tendrils of green wrapping themselves around our hearts that we, the earth and our fellow beings might live a more gentle life.

Blessing Coatlicue

Mighty #goddess #Coatlicue who brought light to the earth sacrificing yourself that the world might live in the light blessed are you with your serpent skirt and your children up in the heavens. Blessing on you who teaches that with self-sacrifice comes the greater good. Blessings on you whose story teaches us about the fertile earth and the starry heavens. Blessings on you and your sisters who rescued the earth from darkness without thought for your own selves. Thank you for the story you gave to the humans in order that they might learn to use it to treat the earth well and not bring darkness upon it. You brought us the sun and gave us the gift of light and life that flowers and hearts might gentle open to the miracle of this earth.

Gentle Day Flower Blessings for Coatlicue
Gentle Day Blessings for Coatlicue by Amanda Claire

Tree Blessing

Bless the gentle day, the softness of clouds, the balmy breeze, the lightest of rains. Bless the gentle day ,the softest furs, the lightest feathers, the most gentle of scales the most vulnerable of skins on the gentlest of the earths beings. Bless the trees who shelter the gentle ones, the timid mouse, the delicate butterfly and fragile flower. Bless the beauty that inspires humans to be gentle with Mother Nature and all her children.


Amanda Claire x

PS. AST is launching a new online #treeplanting scheme! Soon you will be able to #planttrees creating an online fabulous forest while enabling tree planting and tree protection in the real world. Tree planting begins #earthday 2020!

It is Free to join us here just sign up to the blog. x


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