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Are you ready to celebrate the "Day of Creation"?

The Lunar Cycle & Celtic Tree Calendar

If you've read my earlier posts, you will be aware that the Celtic Tree Calendar is based on the Ogham Alphabet and its association with trees.

The Celtic Tree Calendar consists of...

  • 13 months, each 28 days long, following the lunar cycle and...

  • one extra day representing the 23rd December, the ‘Day of Creation’.

The Celtic Creation Myth

From the darkened soil there grew a tree, tall and strong.

Danu, the divine waters from heaven, nurtured and cherished this great tree which became the sacred Oak named Bile (whose role was transporting the souls of dead Celts to the Otherworld).

Of the conjugation of Danu and Bile, there dropped two giant acorns.

The first acorn was male. From it sprang The Dagda (the chief God of the Celts),

“The Good God”.

The second seed was female. From it there emerged Brigid,

“The Exalted One”.

And The Dagda and Brigid gazed upon one another in wonder, for it was their task to…

…wrest order from the primal chaos and to people the Earth with the Children of Danu (the Tuatha de Danann), the Mother Goddess, whose divine waters had given them life.”

Peter Beresford Ellis


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