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A Tree Prayer

A tree brings presence to a sense of place, a leap of green flame speaking in the earths’ eye. Our lives are so short that we do not see the moments of time beyond our knowing. Like the hare, fleet of foot and gone before our face can turn to the light.

Tree Prayer

As I knelt beneath bough and branch

I sent a prayer to heaven

That I might have the chance

Another's soul to lift and leaven

For the life of humans is all too short

The coins of their stories too soon spent

I gave thanks for the wisdom trees have taught

To know to love I must relent

I bent my head while kneeling there

Weeping for my friend

And life itself became the prayer

Love and life, they have no end

©Amanda C Vesty

This prayer is dedicated to my beloved friend Anna Ziman. She was well known and respected for running the most extraordinary workshops for women called 'Open to the Goddess' weaving sacred practise, community and earth spirit wisdom together and was featured in many papers such as the Times and Guardian. I was deeply honoured to assist her in her mission and she continues to inspire me in my life. She was a very remarkable woman and her gift to the world lives on in everyone she met.

Prayers and blessings are powerful things. Words have more life in them than we know, especially spoken aloud with heart. If this is a subject that interests you then look up the numerous tree prayer and blessings posts. I will tag some to get you started.

Blessings Amanda Claire x

PS If you would like to support volunteer-run Ancient and Sacred Trees by planting trees, take a look at the ecards and teeshirts etc or make a donation.

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